Ganga Overnight Expedition (camp)


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Experience of expedition + Comfort of a fixed camp

Experience continuity of a full Ganga expedition, and comfort of staying in a fixed camp. This trip covers the entire section of Ganga from Deoprayag to Rishikesh. And unlike an expedition the overnight accommodation is in fixed camps on the banks of the Ganga.

The total distance covered in the span of 02 days of rafting is about 70 Kms.

Variations : For extended / truncated versions of this expedition click on Variations tab below.

   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
Location Deoprayag to Rishikesh
Duration 2 days
Pickup - Drop Point Shivpuri - Rishikesh
Difficulty EASY
   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
Day 1: Shivpuri to Deoprayag by road. Deopraya to Camp at Byasi by River.
Early morning arrival at Shivpuri. Departure to Deoprayag, breakfast on the way. Expedition srarts at Deoprayag. Packed lunch at Bias Ghat. Arrival at camp post lunch. Bonfire & snacks - Activities around the bonfire. Followed by dinner.
Day 2: Camp to Rishikesh
Post breakfast, start rafting from camp to Rishikesh. Lunch at exit point. The expedition would finish near Rishikesh, from where the participants can depart for their return journey.

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