Ganga Expedition


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Covers the entire Ganga from Deoprayag to Rishikesh

Ganga, the holiest river of India, is a high volume river that offers a great opportunity to step into the world of multi day expeditions. Being in close proximity, and well connected with the major towns of North India.

This expedition starts from Deoprayag, where the two mighty rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda confluence to form the Ganga. The expedition runs the complete stretch of The Ganges right up to Rishikesh.

Kayaking : If you are a kayaker, you can also join this expedition on kayak with an existing trip or in an exclusive kakay expedition.

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   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
Location Deoprayag to Rishikesh
Duration 3 days
Pickup - Drop Point Shivpuri - Rishikesh
Difficulty EASY
   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
Day 1: Rishikesh to Deoprayag by road. Deoprayag to Beasghat on river.
Head towards Deoprayag which is a 3 hr road journey. Breakfast is on the way. At deoprayag, after a briefing we start rafting. The rafting section for today is relatively placed with small rapids and beautiful sceneries. We would stop for overnight at a very beautiful and isolated beach at Beasghat. This beach is reachable only by the river. Camp is setup, while lunch is organized simultaneously. Rest of the day is spent in various camp activities, and generally lazing around or exploring, apart from playing volleyball or similar. A much needed bonfire in the evening, followed by dinner.
Day 2: Beasghat to Byasi
Wake up to a beautiful morning. Beasghat is a very beautiful location, and you will love the peace and harmony of nature that is in front of you. Pack up and get ready for for the second day of rafting. Today we will attempy a few good rapids like 'Daniel Dip'. The overnight camp will be just above the 'Wall' rapid.
Day 3: Byasi to Rishikesh. Head back home.
This day is guaranteed to be the most exciting, as it covers the best section of white waters. The day will be long, first to come among the rapids is "The Wall" which is most (in)famous on the Ganges, followed by a number of exciting rapids like "Three Blind Mice", "Roller Coaster", "Golf Course" and several other smaller ones. We will end our journey at Rishikesh, where lunch would await us. We expect to finish the river run around 3 pm.

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