Sharda Expedition


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This is a self supported white water expedition, which starts from the Pancheshwar, where Saryu and Kali rivers confluence to form Sharda river. The expedition finishes at Boom ( Tanakpur ). The trip will take you, past Nepali villages, fresh water streams, sandy beaches, thick tropical jungles and exciting white water.

The river, continues down as a natural border between India and Nepal and flows through some of the scenic valleys in Uttarakhand. Pancheshwar is famous for its fishing spots. Starting from Pancheswar, the river pace increases, and there is some very good white water which awaits. There are a number of class II and class III rapids, and one class IV rapid called 'Chuka'.

The expedition schedule requires 03 clear days on the river, and 1 day for transit.

Kayaking : If you are a kayaker, you can also join this expedition on kayak with an existing trip or in an exclusive kakay expedition.

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   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
Location Near Indo Nepal Border
Duration 4 days
Pickup - Drop Point Delhi to Delhi
Difficulty MODERATE
   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
   Trip stats   Season   Departures   Pictures   Variations
Day 0: Delhi to Kathgodam overnight.
Board overnight train Ranikhet Express, from Delhi - Kathgodam leaving at 2245 hrs.
Day 1: Kathgodam to Pancheshwar by road. Over night in camp.
Arrival at Kathgodam, early morning, driver to Pancheshwar ( 08 hrs ). Pancheshwar is a well known spot for fishing. We will set camp at the confluence of Saryu and Kali rivers. Expected arrival at camp would be in late afternoon, and camp would be already setup by our staff, who would have reached one day in advance. The participants and the river staff introduce themselves, and enjoy a merry evening around a bonfire.
Day 2: Rafting starts at Pansheshwar
All gear is waterproofed by dry bags, and secured on the cargo raft. After a detailed safety briefing, the expedition team would depart on the journey. We will run a lot of grade II rapids and several grade III rapids. This is an ideal section to give exposure to participants who might be rafting for the first time. After a classic outdoor lunch, we would raft further, and camp by late afternoon on beautiful beach. Evening would be spent in setting up the camp, and organizing of various activities for a fun filled comfortable evening. Lively bonfire and chit chat will give way to a hearty dinner and a good night sleep.
Day 3: continued....
An early start after breakfast. Very scenic villages and forests would mesmerize the participants, as we paddle through quite and serene atmosphere, the silence being broken only by the sound of the river, where it rages into rapids. We will scout a big class IV rapid called 'Chuka' before running it. After chuka we will have lunch, and thereafter a further rafting section of about 2 hours, to camp on some untouched beautiful section of soft white sandy beach.
Day 4: Rafting finish at Boom. Boom to Kathgodam by road.
This is the last day on the river, and it will offer a lot of smaller rapids with occasional eye openers. The last bit is a beautiful float section with some exciting rapids which will keep the river runners on a high. We will pull out at Boom, which is near Tanakpur. A short drive to Kathgodam to catch the overnight train to Delhi.
Overnight Ranikhet Express to Delhi leaving at 2045hrs. Arrive next morning at 0445 am.

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