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A lifetime experience in the lively streets of Old Delhi is waiting for you. Like India is an inspiration for the mind, we assure our tours will give you an equal amount of pleasure, surprise and admiration.

We have spent many, many hours cycling around, just to see and feel what are the best places for you to experience. And we are convinced the routes we have come up with truly represents the soul of Old Delhi. A thankful gift on two wheels....

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Location Old delhi
Duration 1 days
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The Routes

We offer two fascinating routes, both starting in Old Delhi. The Shah Jahan Tour, named after the great Mughal emperor, covers his most famous monuments. Of course, we show you the charming back lanes and colourful bazars. The Yamuna Tour is a great experience in the Old City, the Red Fort and the mystic banks of Yamuna river. Includes a boat trip!

The Shah Jahan Tour

We named the tour after Shah Jahan, the great Mughal emperor, who showed an amazing drive to construct beautiful forts and mosques. The most famous is the Taj Mahal in far away Agra, but what to think of the imposing Red Fort and India's largest mosque, the Jama Masjid? Most of the tour you'll spend in Shahjahanabad, the historical name of the most splendid of Delhi's old cities. A short detour is made to Civil Lines, the tranquil colonial-style area for a charming chai break at lovely Maharaja Lane. Take a deep breath of fresh air before returning to the historical streets. The tour starts at Delite Cinema (underground parking), just where the Walled City begins at historic Turkman Gate.

Yamuna Tour

Imagine...experiencing the great feeling of you on your bicycle in the colourful streets of Old Delhi, passing the impressive Red Fort at a few meters distance to make it to the river banks of Yamuna river where a boat is waiting for you. The boat ride gives you an exclusive insight in the awakening of the river communities who worship the (polluted) Yamuna like a living devi. After a chai break we cycle back to the old city where we have breakfast at the Mughal restaurant Karim's. This route is a true experiencing in total different worlds.

Is biking safe in Delhi?

Yes! You will be surprised how easy it is to cycle around. Indeed, there are cows, cycle riksja's and pedestrians to deal with, but just go with the flow. Of course, it helps a lifetime we follow a carefully designed route and have the best bikes in town.

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