Whitewater Kayaking Training Course

Shivpuri, Uttarakhand


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Our kayak school conducts white water kayak courses for beginners and intermediate paddlers. These kayak courses are conducted at our base in Shivpuri near Rishikesh, India.

Our kayak courses are residential courses, which are carefully structured by white water kayak professionals. All our kayak courses ensure maximum kayaking time on the river. Proper theory instructions explain the concepts, river hydraulics, river reading patterns, and emphasis is given for applying the techniques and instructions on the river.

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Location Shivpuri
Duration 6 days
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During our kayak courses, the participants stay at our riverside camp. All our white water kayak courses are inclusive of food, lodging, kayaking equipment, instructors, river guides and all logistics for river runs.

Course itinerary

Level-1 Kayaking Course for Beginners

Day 01
Arrive at our base in Shivpuri by midday. Team introduction and orientation program is held. Kayaks and other necessary equipment is issued and customized as per participant's builds. 
Day 02
Introduction to white water kayak paddling. Practice the Wet Exit. Basic paddling strokes - forward, reverse, sweep and Bracing techniques are practiced. 
Day 03
Eskimo rescue. eskimo roll techniques. 
Day 04
Ferry techniques. eddy in, peel out. eskimo roll practice. Review of skills. 
Day 05
River reading, do a river run through rapids. 
Day 06
River reading, do a river run through rapids up to class III 

Level-2 Kayaking Course for Intermediate Paddlers

The schedule is customized as per the average experience of the participating group. This course is conducted at the following venues: Shivpuri on Ganges, near Rishikesh in the months of Oct, Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar, Apr Camp Highlands in Tons Valley (Uttarakhand) in the months of Apr,May,June.

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